Informa-DS Messaging Solution

Informa-DS is now easier to use and more flexible. Create and present impactful and interesting messages that attract attention, deliver information and now prepare and broadcast live school announcements without investing a small fortune in TV production equipment.


Informa makes the perfect in-house messaging channel.  Create pages with multiple crawls, scrolls, graphics, motion and even video. Import multiple graphic files, backgrounds and formats directly into Informa to create pages that attract attention and get your message across. Informa can be updated by multiple users with our web software and secure multi-user login. This means you can delegate the updates to other departments to save time.


  • Create exciting page content with text and graphic layers.
  • Trigger text, images, motion and objects to appear in sequences.
  • Add single or multi-line crawls that operate independently.
  • Create table layouts to display program schedules, meeting agendas, date, time and meeting locations, etc.
  • Insert a time and date reference in a variety of formats.
  • Projects refresh automatically without program shut-down.
  • Create templates for emergency messages or regular announcements.
  • Schedule projects easily with our new scheduling tool.
  • Use Campaign mode to set start and stop dates on pages so they begin and end automatically.
  • Insert local and web video feeds from multiple sources including traffic cams.
  • Upload PowerPoint slides and utilize timing and transitions created in PowerPoint.