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10 Reasons Your Hospital Should Use Video for Patient Education: Reason #4

by cjones on June 18, 2012

in Healthcare

Video helps overcome language barriers in patient education


Reason #4 in our Series on 10 Reasons to Use Video in Patient Education: Video helps overcome language barriers.

It’s no surprise that more and more patients don’t speak English very well, and some not at all. This forces hospitals to hire translators to communicate if the patient does not have a family member that can help. And even if a family member can assist with the language the nurse has no guarantee that the proper information is being transmitted and learned by the patient or family member.

This problem creates scheduling and education problems in addition to normal communication. If the patient does not speak English the odds are they don’t read it either. This makes handouts useless unless you have them translated.

Another option is to use video. Video works in many situations like this because it can show live demonstrations, charts and graphs, photos and other graphical images that can be understood by patients that don’t speak English. While more and more patient education video is available in multiple languages and more will be created don’t discount the use of English speaking video with patients if the video uses images and demonstrations to illustrate a point or procedure. Obviously, don’t use talking head videos because that would be just stupid but if a video provides illustration it can be used to help make a point or illustrate examples of care.

Many patient education video suppliers provide their most popular videos in Spanish and other languages are being added daily. An example of a company doing more with foreign languages is Healthy Roads Media. When you visit their website the first thing you see is a header that includes a list of foreign languages they support, not only on their site but also with their content. Need Bosnian, Swahili, Vietnamese, Russian or other languages? Visit Healthy Roads Media for more information. If you would like some of their content pre-loaded on our video on demand system please let us know and we will work with them to obtain your content.

For more information on How To Use Video in Patient Education please download our free epaper for tips on how to use this great tool.

How to Use Video in Patient Education


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