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10 Reasons Your Hospital Should Use Video for Patient Education: Reason #1

by cjones on May 31, 2012

in Healthcare

Reason #1 to Use Video in Patient Education


Reason #1

Video uses sight, sound and motion to present simple illustrations of complex issues.

This, of course, assumes the video is done well. We’ve all seen educational videos that were not done well or they were boring or totally missed the mark.

The lesson to be learned here is video, when done right, is a great way to educate your patients and their family caregivers. Before you invest in a video program for you hospital be sure to have several people, with and without knowledge of the subject matter view the program and provide feedback.

Those with knowledge can confirm the message is on target. Those without knowledge can help you determine how well the video conveys the message to the patient.

For more information download our free tips: How to Select Appropriate Video for Patient Education.

How to Select Appropriate Video for Patient Education

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10 Reasons You Hospital Should Use Video for Patient Education
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