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10 Common Video Storytelling Mistakes

by cjones on October 31, 2011

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10 Common Video Storytelling Mistakes

Adam Westbrook is a journalist, blogger and film maker in London. He regularly writes about online video and journalism and recently penned an article outlining the 10 Most Common Video Storytelling Mistakes (and how to avoid them).

The article is very informative and two of the points are particularly interesting:

  1. He places good audio at the top of his list and I totally agree with this. Nothing kills a good video quicker than bad audio. My biggest pet peeve is video that is recorded at conferences and includes lots of ambient noise that could be eliminated with a good microphone. I would rather see a poor video with great sound than a great video with poor sound. How about you? I would also recommend that initially, you spend more money on the microphone than on the camera. There are lots of low cost ways to shoot HD video or very good quality video with inexpensive cameras but these cameras generally come with very cheap microphones and buying a $30 mic from Amazon won’t cut it. But you can spend around $100 and jump the quality of your production significantly.
  2. He recommends that videographers ignore what is done in TV news because CNN and others use a formulaic approach to their pieces that does not work with online video. I’m not sure I buy into this idea because I think there is a bunch to be learned from watching TV news. Some of it is good, some not so good. As you watch TV news look for the ways they make stories interesting or very boring. Do they present multiple sides of a story? Watch how different reporters from different organizations report similar stories…which ones do you like, and why?

You can find Adam’s article here.


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