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Guide to Using Video in the Classroom

by cjones on June 27, 2011

in Education

Using Video in the Classroom

“We are in a McCluahesque way, returning to the older way through the new media. Our brains are hard wired for pictures, the visual and language learning will benefit from this gigantic shift in the way humans learn (by video as opposed to books).”

David Deubelbeiss

This quote, from a blog article by David Deubelbeiss, caught my attention because I think it rings true. Our brains are hard wired for pictures and visuals.  More from David…

“Video is a powerful tool in today’s classroom. It provides strong context through which to teach English. Meaning comes alive and it brings the outside world into the classroom and gives your teaching “reality”. Video also provides all the paralinguistic features of language that audio only can’t.

Nowadays, students are very much visual learners. Further, with the quick spread of broadband internet access, is making the use of video in the classroom much more reliable. Video is a medium which is replacing print – it is changing both the way we learn and the way we interact with each other.

Without a doubt, video is the future for all of us involved in education.”

From his blog, David offers up a great Activity Guide for Using Video in the Classroom and I encourage you to visit his blog and download this activity guide for teachers that includes:

  • Tips for Using Video in Class
  • 3 Approaches to Using Video in the Classroom
  • How to Use Video
  • 10 Recipes for Using Video in the Classroom

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