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Creating Video in Classrooms

by cjones on November 28, 2010

in Education

Tech&Learning published an article on Creating Video in the Classroom that connects the use of video in the classroom to student created video to engagement and provides 10 Reasons to have students create their own videos; and, 9 Steps to Create a Video. If you are not using video in the classroom please give this a read.

Tech&Learning, November 1, 2010

Video is shaping the world around us. Students watch videos all the time, and media literacy is a 21st century skill that involves being able to analyze and understand the media they see and to create their own media productions.

Using Video in the Classroom

Today’s young people enjoy all types of media and are facile with it. When schools capitalize on this affinity by integrating technologies into classroom activities, students are more engaged. When students are engaged, they are learning.

Using video forces students to make connections, delve to find deeper meaning, and understand issues and processes. They learn to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate as they create. It involves higher order thinking skills, writing, teamwork, planning, producing and sharing using additional technologies.

Video is so versatile that students can learn in every subject area. From creating school-wide daily news broadcasts to classroom documentaries to language practice and filming events, there’s a use for video everywhere. Here’s how to make it happen.

The Process: Prepare, Plan, Present

  • Prepare. Use the 10 reasons below to convince stakeholders that video is THE technology to use.
  • Plan and create. Use the 9 steps below in any subject area or grade level.
  • Present and share. Show everyone what students have accomplished.

Click to see the 10 Reasons to have students create their own videos; and 9 Steps to Create a Video

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Tips on using Video in the Classroom

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