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Follow Up to New Closed Captioning Requirements

by cjones on October 27, 2010

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I re-posted an article from Brad on Broadcast in Broadcast Engineering about new Closed Captioning requirements on Monday. @dkrawc asked via Twitter if these new laws would impact PEG TV Stations. @vermontcam tweeted the list of exceptions on the FCC website and commented that PEG is excluded for now, which is correct. However, it does not appear that the FCC has updated their website to include any new requirements from the new legislation and has not updated the information on House Bill H.R. 3101 since July of this year.

We have previously searched for information on the Bill but found no meaningful published documents so it is unlikely that anything has been updated since the law was signed on the 8th. It is also unlikely that the new rules will apply to PEG broadcasts because of existing exemptions and this comment from the article which seems to single out the parties affected by the legislation as, “broadcasters, cable systems and program networks”. One rule that might impact PEG is the need for closed captioning for programming streamed over the Internet but there could still be exceptions. @vermontcam indicated they are moving to add captioning to their programming anyway and many of our existing customers also do this as well.

In any event, one conclusion that Brad draws is worth noting, “A wealth of new requirements are coming, and many of them are yet unclear. Fortunately, they will be phased in over several years, so there is time to adapt and adopt.”

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