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Who Needs 21st Century Skills Anyway?

by cjones on September 3, 2010

in Education

21st Century Education Skills

This article as originally posted on September 2, 2010 at by Greg Limperis and I found it through a group I subscribe to called Technology Integration in Education. Anyone associated with education as a parent, teacher or student should read this article from Greg Limperis a Middle School Technology Facilitator in Lawrence, MA.

What’s all this talk these days about teachers needing 21st century skills? What’s wrong with the way I, you or our parents learned, anyway? What is wrong with putting students in rows and opening up a big textbook to learn, anyway?

There is nothing like the sound of a textbook opening for the first time. The flipping of paper and the beautiful graphics are so engaging. I know what you are thinking; a digital textbook has that and so much more. So what if the information in my textbook might be a bit outdated—Pluto was a planet at one point, wasn’t it? The pictures are the same in the text as they are online aren’t they? I know, you can copy, save and paste pictures, text and much more into a project from your digital text but, hey! I can do that with a photocopy machine, glue and scissors anyway. Yeah, it may be messy and it may take a bit longer—but think of the great projects my students can share with each other.

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