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Best Approach When Buying a New Broadcast Automation System?

by cjones on January 9, 2009

in Broadcast & Cable

Broadcast Automation Solutions come in several forms: DIY (do-it-yourself); Integrated and Turnkey.  Which one is the right one?  It really depends on your situation, your staff and your budget.  DIY solutions are cheap because you and your staff do all the work.  If your staff is well versed in the latest technology and have lots of extra time this may be the right approach.

If the DIY approach is not your idea of a good time then you need to consider the merits of either integrated or turnkey solutions.  Integrated solutions rely on third parties to analyze your needs and make recommendations from a variety of products that may or may not work together as envisioned.  They can usually do the installation but fall short when it comes to training and support after the sale.

Turnkey providers cover all the bases.  Needs and requirements, workflow, equipment, software, installation, training and support after the sale.  Keep in mind that the majority of steps necessary to define and install a new broadcast system only take a short time but you have to live with your choice for years and you will need training and support over the years.  How many phone numbers do you need to maintain your system?  If you go the turnkey route the answer is usually just “one”.

If you are planning an upgrade to your station please request our free white paper on Project Management Secrets for a New Playback System.  It contains some very useful information that can help you as you move through the process.

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