Video is everywhere and used to teach, self-educate, communicate, entertain, inform, document, illustrate, compare and more. Maintaining a large video library involves more than just storage. Acquisition, editing, transcoding, back-up, archiving, playback, video on demand, streaming and other requirements can make managing and delivering video difficult and complex.

Synergy Broadcast delivers cost-effective, secure, automated video solutions to help you acquire, manage and deliver video to your viewers, guests, students, patients or staff. Our solutions include:

Cable TV Stations:

  • Cable TV Automation hardware and software for PEG and Cable TV stations.
  • Easily scalable for single or multi-channel operations.
  • Streamline your workflow from acquisition to playback and archiving.
  • Transition from analog to digital or from SD to HD. We can help make the transition easy to manage.
  • Plus streaming, archiving, video on demand, channel branding and more.

Interactive Video on Demand Patient Education

  • Video and interactive video on demand helps patients better understand by explaining complex healthcare topics in simple terms.
  • Video on demand helps nurses improve patient engagement and interactions.
  • Video based patient education extends the reach of patient educators when they are not in the room.
  • Video on Demand helps reduce length of stay and readmissions because patients better understand how to take care of themselves post discharge.
  • Video on Demand saves nurses time and reduces the steps it takes to deliver valuable patient education information.

Video Solutions for K-12 and Higher Education

  • Video on demand to any device in the school or classroom (BYOD).
  • Copyright protection for your video assests with reports on usage.
  • Easily search and find video content for any lesson or class activity.
  • Convert Cable TV to IPTV for better control and to simplify classroom technology.
  • Flip the classroom and get feedback via testing and survey questions. Know who watched and who didn’t.
  • Provide teachers with an easy way to upload content with safe and secure storage options.
  • Easily deliver live school video announcements and campus or district-wide communications with digital signage.
  • Create a Content Delivery Network to connect multiple video libraries within your district.